Press Releases

Writing is an art form that becomes a powerful tool when shaped by a creative mind with a love of words. Journalists are experienced at creating interesting, informative and accurate press releases.

Any Business Start-Up/SME needs as much free publicity as it can get. One of the best ways to achieve that is through a good press release. To attract an editor’s attention an unsolicited press release has to stand out from the crowd and instantly captivate.

There is a recognised skill to creating short, punchy press releases. If you cannot think of a news angle to your press release, let Write4u do your thinking and writing for you. It has proven experience in this field and can quickly get to grips with any subject in a knowledgeable way.

Getting your message across through the editorial pages of a newspaper can result in:

positive publicity for you and your company
greater public awareness of your services
enhanced business reputation and image
sales enquiries for new business orders

Write4u produces press releases, articles and features targeted for:

local press
regional press
national press
trade publications
consumer magazines

Press releases can be written for these different media from a client’s notes, from telephone discussions, and from face-to-face interviews. Articles and features are usually written after client consultation in order to achieve specific objectives.

If you have no time to write a press release and do not have an in-house writer, please contact Write4u, the wordsmith at your service.

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